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wine tastings with Serena G

Born and raised in Adelaide, Serena G grew up in one of the Great Wine Capital of the World, with wineries at her doorstep. Fresh out of high school, she began her career in hospitality, working with wine in restaurants, bars, events, and more. She solidified her early knowledge by studying hospitality management, achieving a degree in event management and tourism, and a degree in marketing. She also has a qualification in wine from the Wine Spirits and Education Trust.

Serena’s favourite thing about Australian wine is its non-restrictiveness. Winemakers have the ability to explore and try new things, and there are no limitations to their inventions. They can be as fun and creative as their minds (and consumers) allow them to be. She also notes how the wine industry is ever-evolving, always giving you something new to learn, which has kept her enthusiasm for the industry alive for years.

After moving to the UK, Serena worked for the South Australian Government at the Australian High Commission, exporting wine from some of the biggest Australian brands into the UK and Europe. Serena's Experience doesn't stop there. She spent a few years working for one of the UK's largest wine distributors. Working with the brand management team, she delivered their annual wine trade tasting and brand activations for global wine brands.   

In her own business Serena G Consulting, has thrived. Since 2019, Serena has hosted her own wine tastings, as well as supporting many wine brands in obtaining routes to market in the UK. Her proudest achievement so far is supporting Australian Women in Wine, by hosting an event that celebrated their achievements in the industry and the way they are paving the way for more women in future. Her tasting style is fun and interactive, encouraging you to learn and think more about the wine you love, helping you to expand your wine-based horizons without intimidating jargon or over-complicated methods. She also makes an effort to support small wineries that operate sustainable practices, and she explores the natural wine world, too

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wine tastings with Serena G
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